A portion of our profits are happily donated to the Animal Humane Society.

Estimates & Design

Q: What is included in a free estimate?

A:  Our initial consultation is free of charge because we understand that it’s hard to get an idea of how much your project will cost on your own.  After our first meeting (which typically lasts about an hour), we will provide you with a “Budget Estimate.”  Additionally, we will include a free virtual 3-D Model of your project.

Q: Do I get to keep the design if I decide not to build with SpaceTurtle Construction?

A: Yes, you may keep your design plan created by SpaceTurtle.

Q: Do you need to come to my home to give me an estimate?

A:  Our preference is to see your project firsthand so that we may take measurements and pictures of your space.  These will then be used to create an accurate and thorough estimate and virtual 3-D Model.

Q: What is a virtual 3-D Model?

A: A virtual 3-D Model can have all the same properties as the actual physical space including walls, doors, windows, accurate dimensions, furniture placement, color, decor, etc. This allows you see what the space could look like before the project even begins.

Q: What is a mood board?

A:  A mood board is a visual representation of your ideas to incorporate into your design project.  It is a great exercise to go through to help you explore all your ideas and determine what is your style, your color preferences and the overall look and feel you’re attempting to create with your project. A mood board can also bridge the gap between a verbal discussion and a visual presentation with an interior designer.  It’s a perfect solution to ensure you’re both on the same page. 

Q: I have no clue about design, can you help?

A:  Yes, our designers are highly skilled and experienced.  They will listen to your list of wants and needs and get a sense of your style.  They will then in turn create a design for you that is the best reflection of you. 

Q: Why are the initial consultations an hour?

A:  During the initial consultation, our team will listen to your wants and needs for your project.  Additionally, they will take pictures and measurements of your space so that the most accurate and thorough estimate and virtual 3-D Model of your space can be created.

Q: How long does it take to get an estimate?

A:  Every project is different.  Some are much smaller and may take only a few days to turn around an estimate.  For much larger, elaborate projects in could take upwards of 2 weeks to complete the estimate and the virtual 3-D Model.

Q: How do I see my potential design?

A:  After your initial consultation, we will create a virtual 3-D Model as well as a mood board to identify the various materials, selections and finishes for your project.  We also partner with local vendors and utilize their showrooms for other product selections.  This includes material choices such as cabinetry, tile, countertops & flooring.

Q: Can I pick out anything I want or am I limited to a few options?

A:  After your initial consultation, we will create an estimate, a virtual 3-D Model, and mood board to identify the various materials, selections and finishes for your project.  We will make suggestions and recommendations based on your budget and will share with you your allowances.  You can then decide if you want to go with an option that is lesser or greater than your stated allowance.  Our goal is for you to get what you want but to be mindful of your budget.

Q: Does SpaceTurtle use "builder-grade" materials?

A:  SpaceTurtle Construction takes considerable pride in the quality and craftsmanship of their work.  This means that we do not use builder-grade materials in our projects.

Our Quality, Craftsmanship, and Warranty

Q: Do you guarantee your work?

A:  Yes. We have a 1-year warranty on workmanship and a 10-year structural warranty. Our workmanship conforms to the guidelines stated by The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry.

Q: Is SpaceTurtle Construction licensed?

A:  Yes, SpaceTurtle is licensed in both Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Q: Is SpaceTurtle Construction insured?

A:  Yes, SpaceTurtle carries home building insurance, workers’ compensation & liability insurance.

Q: Who does the work in my home?

A:  Either SpaceTurtle Construction’s employees or trade professionals hired on our behalf will be in your home.  All our craftsmen as well as trade professionals that we hire are appropriately licensed and insured.

Q: Does SpaceTurtle Construction have a warranty?

A:  Yes. We have a 1-year warranty on workmanship and a 10-year structural warranty. Our workmanship conforms to the guidelines stated by The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry.

Q: What is SpaceTurtle's history for completing projects on time and within budget?

A:  We communicate a very thorough and accurate estimate and schedule up front.  We have an online-based scheduling system that you can access at any time, day, or night to view the progress on your project.  From a budget perspective, we make it clear with clients up-front what they could expect to pay and what their allowances are for their personal selections.  Therefore, there are no surprises when it comes to cost, and it is not unusual for clients to receive a check back at project close.

Services Offered

Q: What types of remodeling does SpaceTurtle do?

A:  SpaceTurtle does both residential and commercial remodeling. 

Q: Does SpaceTurtle do exterior work?

A:  SpaceTurtle will work on exterior porches, patios, decks, and pool houses.  However, we do not specialize in siding and roofing.

Q: My house has water damage. Does SpaceTurtle manage mold mitigation?

A:  SpaceTurtle does not personally manage mold issues in the home.  However, we have relationships with industry professionals that specialize in this type of work. 

Q: I have an older home and I suspect there is asbestos can I still remodel?

A:  Yes, can still remodel.  However, before SpaceTurtle begins work on your home, it is necessary to have the renovation area evaluated for asbestos.  If changes to your home will disturb it, removal by a professional is required.

Q: I'm fairly sure there is lead paint in my home, what remodeling can I do?

A:  If your home was built prior to 1978, it likely contains lead-based paint.  We have relationships with industry professionals that are certified to deal with lead paint.

Q: Will you work with my insurance company?

A:  You will be the main point of contact with your insurance company.  However, SpaceTurtle is happy to provide copies of documents that your insurance company may need.

Q: What areas does SpaceTurtle service?

A: Our Services include basement finishing, kitchens, baths, additions, and other home upgrades.  We also do work in light commercial.

Q: I started a project, can SpaceTurtle come finish it?

A:  Yes, SpaceTurtle can pull new permits and can pick up where you or another contractor may have left off with your project. 

Q: Can I do some of my remodeling work?

A:  We will only pull permits for the work that we perform.  Additionally, so that we and our subcontractors can warranty our work, there needs to be a clear start and stop to our work.  Therefore, work performed by our clients will have to wait until project completion.

Q: Will SpaceTurtle do our project if we purchase the materials?

A:  If you have materials you’d like for us to use in your project, let us know ahead of time. While we typically source and provide all the materials for your project as part of our design-build process, we can discuss what options there may be for you to provide materials like a vanity, lights, or mirrors. Keep in mind that all materials must be present by job start.

Q: Do I need to get a permit for my project?

A:  SpaceTurtle will pull all necessary permits for your project.

Q: Will SpaceTurtle look at a house we are thinking of buying?

A:  Yes, SpaceTurtle would be happy to accompany you and your realtor to look at a home you’re thinking of purchasing.  We can provide high level estimates based on renovations you would like to make.

Community Involvement

Q: In what ways do you give back to the community?

A:  SpaceTurtle gives a portion of their profits back to Animal Humane Society.  We love our animals!  We also love to give back to the youth within our community, whether that be donations for school functions or youth sports.

Q: What is SpaceTurtles Mission and Vision?

A:  Every member of our carefully chosen team shares our passion. As a result, excellence pervades the work of both our interior design and construction teams, and it most notably shows up in the execution. At SpaceTurtle, we provide high touch, high quality, top of the line customer service to ensure your project runs as efficiently and as seamlessly as possible.  We create spaces that improve people’s lives. If we can do that well, we have succeeded.

Q: How does SpaceTurtle make the world a better place?

A:  SpaceTurtle is proud to be recognized by Sustainable Stillwater as a Gold level Green Business Award winner. We believe that everyone who interacts with SpaceTurtle Construction should benefit from that interaction, including the communities and environment in which we all live and work. Grounded in our values, we continuously strive to expand our understanding of the impact of our decisions on people, the environment, and the long-term viability of our business. 

What to Expect During Construction

Q: I have pets, how will my remodel project affect them?

A:  Obviously, we love animals as much as you do and we want this process to bring the least amount of disruption to not only you, but your pets as well.  We understand that this can be a stressful time for them, so here are ideas to help minimize this as much as possible.  If possible, create a safe place for your pet, be it their bed, crate or perhaps a room they’re comfortable in.  Keep an eye on your pet during construction times.  If possible, it’s helpful to have gates or close off those spaces to your pets.  In exchange, we’ll be very thoughtful and diligent about keeping doors closed, gates closed, etc. to discourage your pets from entering the construction zones or getting out. And, if there is anything else we can do to make this process easier, please let us know!

Q: How can I be sure my kids stay safe during the remodel?

A:  It is helpful to partition or wall off the part of the house being worked in.  SpaceTurtle can help with this.  Keeping distance between the work and children will minimize exposure to harmful material. We’ll also be sure to clean-up our workspaces and wipe down residual dust as well as ventilate the renovated space. 

Q: I'm pregnant, what extra precautions can be taken to keep me safe?

A:  We know sometimes expectant mothers rush to renovate before a new baby arrives.  We know that pregnant women should take extra precautions. So as not to expose a fetus to harmful fumes and dust we’ll be sure to use a paint brand with low VOCs and ventilate the space well. 


Q: How long will my project take?

A:  While home remodel projects can differ significantly in size and duration, the average time for a home remodel or renovation is around 4-8 months. However, there are exceptions to this rule for smaller or larger projects.  During your initial estimate review, we will discuss a timeline for your project.


Q: Can you provide a schedule?

A:  You will be provided with a schedule at the start of your project.  You will have visibility to this schedule throughout the life of the project.


Q: Will there be a big mess during our project?

A:  Construction is messy. It is dirty and dusty. Before it is beautiful, it is a construction zone. However, we respect your property by laying down clean tarps as needed and cleaning the workspace and traffic areas daily.


Q: Does SpaceTurtle use contractors and what are they like?

A:  We employ both subcontractors and salaried employees who are on our payroll.  We work with a group of individuals and companies that we consider our best and most valued suppliers and providers.  Their service is always outstanding, their work ethic is valued, and their craftmanship is recognized not only by us but also our clients.  They are all licensed and insured, as well as covered under our license and insurance.  Every contractor that we choose to work with has been carefully chosen and shares our passion.


Q: Can you tell me about who will be in my home?

A:  At any given time, you may have a SpaceTurtle employee, a subcontractor, or both in your home.  You will always be notified in advance who will be in your home.

Q: Do I need to move out of my house during the remodel?

A:  The need to move out depends both on the scope of work for your project and your level of comfort with living in the home during construction. We do our best to make sure construction is as unobtrusive as possible. We work during business hours in your home and take precautions to make sure that you can continue to enjoy your home even throughout construction. Typically, basement projects do not see an issue with clients living in the home, but kitchen and bathroom remodels may be more intrusive.

Q: How will having allergies affect my renovation project?

A:  For allergy sufferers, remodeling a home can be a hassle.  However, in the end those who suffer will likely have a space more conducive to their health.  We recommend staying away from flooring that his wall-to-wall carpeting that can trap allergens.  Pre-finished hardwood floors and use of low VOC product will be used.  If you are an allergy sufferer let us know.  And be sure to not remain in the home while these products are being applied.     


Q: My kitchen is being remodeled. How long will I be without a sink?

A:  We will do everything we can to minimize the disruption to your daily life.  We will not do any kitchen demo until your new cabinetry is scheduled to be in.  At that time, we will remove your sink and bring in a temporary sink.  At that same time, we’ll have your countertops measured and those are taking approximately 3 weeks from order to install.  During your countertop install, your new sink will also be installed.


Q: My bathroom is being remodeled. How long will I be without a shower?

A:  We will do everything we can to minimize the disruption to your daily life.  We will not do any bathroom demo until your new shower materials are available.  That installation will take approximately a week.


Q: How does SpaceTurtle manage change orders?

A:  Should you have a change to the project scope, we will draft up a change order.  Changes to the project scope that result in either an increase or reduction in budget will be adjusted accordingly.


Q: How does SpaceTurtle manage communication with us during our project?

A:  You will have access to your project schedule throughout the life of your project.  Additionally, SpaceTurtle will communicate with you via your preference, and we use a project management tool called Trello, email, and text messaging.


Cost & Pricing

Q: Do I have to pay for an estimate or 3-D model?

A:  No.  Our estimates include a detailed written scope of work. We will also provide a free 3D rendering for you to view what your remodel will look like upon completion. Renderings look like a picture of your home and are a likeness of what your remodel will look like so you can visualize the space to be remodeled.  Lastly, an upfront and transparent review of your estimate will be provided.

Q: Do you charge for a change order?

A: No, there is no charge for a change order.  Changes to the project scope that result in either an increase or reduction in budget will be adjusted accordingly.


Q: How much will my construction and remodeling project cost?

A: Projects vary widely depending on your needs and budget. We will meet with you to better understand your vision for your home remodeling project.  At SpaceTurtle Construction we do more than give you a quote. We provide you with the information you need to make the right decisions for your home.  We will explain the details of your project, answer all your questions, and fully explain our estimate for your project.  There is no obligation.  We are very transparent with our pricing, and it’s based on either cost per square foot or linear foot and for that reason, pricing is the same for all our clients.


Q: Why might SpaceTurtle Estimates be higher than other contractors?

A:  SpaceTurtle’s estimates are detailed and very thorough.  SpaceTurtle takes immense pride in the quality and craftsmanship of their work.  This means we do not use builder-grade type materials in any of our projects.  We work through the entire scope of the project with you before starting and account for realistic allowances so you aren’t nickeled and dimed throughout the project like some other contractors.  It’s important to start with a realistic cost, the price quoted is what you can expect to pay.  Sure changes can occur during a project and you might add a closet or pick out hand carved Italian tile, but we want to make sure you can choose from an abundance of selections.  SpaceTurtle is a fully custom builder and we don’t believe that everything you choose should be an “upgrade”.   When you go to the showrooms you can choose from hundreds of carpets, hardwoods, tile, and countertops.


Q: Do you accept credit card payments or have financing?

A: SpaceTurtle accepts payments via an electronic transfer or by check.  We also have a financing partner that can discuss with your various financing options.

Q: Should I budget for costs beyond the proposal price?

A: It’s important to also be realistic and have a contingency for unforeseen problems (mold or asbestos issues) or for changes made to the project scope.  Consider adding 10% when determining your project budget.

Q: Does SpaceTurtle offer any discounts?

A: Yes, SpaceTurtle offers a 2% discount for projects paid in-full at the start of the project.



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