Clydesdale Project

Our clients in Bayport, wanted to finish their basement and utilize every nook and cranny.  The impractical storage under the staircase felt like such a waste.  They wanted to include a space for the kiddos without having a typical playroom filled with toys.  The challenge:  Create a kid’s space that could “hide” the chaos that kids create during play.

The result was a dedicated playhouse tucked under the stairs of their finished basement.  The space was designed to look like a little home within a home.  It had its’ own front light on separate switch, additional outlets and USB chargers for their electronics and a cute open window used to chat with those passing by.  The cozy nook was a fun and whimsical solution to tucking away all the toys, books, art supplies, etc., while encouraging creative and organized play.  The space encouraged their little ones to get lost in their imagination in a space that was all their own.



Use the slider bar to see a before and after transformation of this basement remodel.