Perhaps you’re in the phase of deciding whether to remodel your home. Or perhaps you’ve already made the decision to take that leap of faith. Let’s get real, taking on a remodel project isn’t like taking a vacation. It requires a mental investment. It’s easy to get sick of the noise, frustrated by the dust, and dreading another decision. But, if you prepare and go in with the right mindset, it can make the experience not just tolerable, but in fact enjoyable. Let’s look at three ways to prepare yourself to tackle a remodeling project.

Are you ready…

…to love it or lose it?

Regardless of the location in your home or size of your remodel project, now is the perfect time to clean, declutter, move, and purge. Cabinets, shelves, closets, corners…you name it, items should be gone through and removed from the spaces that are to be remodeled. Not only can this be a liberating process, but it will also help your contractor and their teams to better perform their jobs. A great remodeler will give you a week or two to sort through stuff before they start their work. Work with your contractor to find out if they will let you put some of your unwanted items in their work dumpsters or better yet if they can help with some donations. It doesn’t hurt to ask your remodeler if they have connections to places that might need unwanted appliances, furniture, and even pantry items.


…to get down and dirty

I won’t sugar coat it; dust is an inevitable side effect of a remodel. If you’re a clean freak this part might be hard…but a mess is a necessary evil. Sanding and sawing create a fine dust that will eventually rest anywhere it wants. While this is normal, there are ways to minimize and mitigate the impact to your home. A good contractor will take time up front to contain the space, seal off ducts, cover furniture, and clean up the workspace at the end of every day. Additionally, a good contractor will change out your HVAC air filter throughout and at the end of your project. While we empathize that this is a dusty process, a few planned precautionary steps can help make this part of the project tolerable.

…for the “Oh Sh*t” moment?

We aren’t talking about choosing the wrong shade of gray. There may come a time during your remodel when you stumble upon the unexpected. Walls are torn down, and you see things not before visible such as plumbing, electrical or mold issues. Even the best remodelers can’t predict all the possibilities. Unfortunately, these hiccups can impact budgets and timelines. You’ll need to work together on how you’d like to mitigate the situation. Some contractors will require a “remodeling contingency”. Depending on the age of your home this could be up to 15% of the project cost. Be sure your contractor is upfront about what that contingency covers, how it will get used, and what happens if you don’t need it. (hint: they should give it back to you). Setting expectations and setting aside contingency funds is a great way to help everyone sleep better.

Stay Positive!

Like a rollercoaster, remodeling has its ups and downs. But being more prepared makes the ride so much more enjoyable. Not only do these projects improve the value of your home, but they allow you to stay put and to achieve exactly what you want your home to represent. So, we say stay positive, enjoy the experience, and focus on how your vision will come to life. It will all be worth it!